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"CAMWOODERS GROUP" an outsourced marketing/sales department for Camwood Group Of Companies, was founded in 1998 by the Camsuns' Family, It is one of Africa's largest manufacturer, distributor and exporter of African hardwood in Saw logs, Peeled Logs, Square edged timber, Round edged timber, Flooring boards, Finishing boards, Unedged boards, Square logs, Decking boards, Parquet floors, Floor planks, Wall coverings, Roof coverings, Rattan, Sleepers, Polls and proprietary grade hardwood products of both finish and unfinished.

Camwooders Group been a first of it kind within the Congo Basin area, was first incorporated in the early 1990's as Camwood Trading Company as a local wood trader/Sawmiller within the Congo Basin and nearby Countries, has today gain recognition and expanded it activities from felling of trees to manaufature of finished wood products.

Our high quality standards are backed by Global Certificates such as OLB and FSC certifications allowing us to serve the world's most demanding markets, such as Middle East, Qatar, Germany, Japan, Poland, Italy, Singapore, China, Chile, Turkey, among many others. Our forest are located in the regions of South West, North West and Littoral and South. These are high tropical forest and cash crops production areas with the best weather and accessible roads. Production plants are also located in South West, Central, East and South Regions...........

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Why choose Camwooders?

  • Increased traceability and sourcing of the Wood..
  • Direct connection between the harvesting/sawmill operators and the final buyers..
  • Individuals & Family businesses, constant care of products..
  • After sale services and follow up to ensure satisfaction..
  • All customers prefered dimension and cuttings type guaranteed..

  • Testimonials

    "We are satisfied with the quality. Excellent!!!!.Swetta

    "On behave of my company, we thank you sir for a successful completion of the supply of timber" Frank, Belgium

    "Trotz des langsamen Antworten, und keiner spricht Deutsch." Karlheinze, Deutschland.

    "My company was having real troubles finding a reliable supplier in Africa. supplier in Africa" Pablo, Italy

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    Here at Camwooders Group, Our Core Value Includes:

    • Excellent Quality Products
    • Best Services Rendered
    • Most Competitive Prices Offered
    • Customer Satisfaction Follow-up
    • On-time Delivery Guarantee
    • and A Union For Life

    CAMWOODERS being a quality, customer and environmental oriented organization, we uphold NATURE to our utmost best. This way we should never forget our environment. To that effect, we choose to go with the Motto - "CUT ONE PLANT TWO".

    AWS' aims at promoting afforestation and continuity in wood availability for the next generations that's why once a tree is cut down by us, two trees are immediately replanted before government regulations are applied.

    We are proud to say, we are able, willing and ready to be Called To Action to satisfy your need for wood be it a one-off contract, short term contract and or long term supply contract. Call us NOW..