Camwooders Group Of Companies, an African based company with six(06) subsidiariy(Wood producers) companies under it control and sales representative around the world is intimately involved in the production and export of timber round log, lumber, swan boules logs, decking and other woods products of West and Central African origin.
Ensuring a presence at each stage of processing, from the source to delivery, guarantees respect for quality, volume and delivery times, whatever the destination, the volume and the species ordered.

The Camwooders Group uses its experience in exotic timber to introduce new species and develop its offer. Thanks to constant technical innovation, the Camwooders Group develops new applications while remaining loyal to its traditional products. The company can consequently offer increasingly elaborated products.

Supply Capability: Our capacity for logs supply depends much on the types of logs in question. Camwooders can guarantee a minimum supply of 1,500m3/wood monthly for round logs and 2,760m3/monthly for lumber. Our customised wood products will also fall within this supply range.

Product Quality: Being part of our marketing target, Camwooders guarantees good quality products for its customers. Quality is A, B, B+ for logs and FAS AD for lumber.

Loading Ports: Our main loading port is Douala port, Cameroon. To reduce delivery to Asia, Middle East and Australia, Camwooders goes into agreement with it Clients to ship from Mombasa port, Kenya to serve the Asian countries, Middle East and Australian. This is done using the newly developed trans-African Highway. Our shipping and logistic experts arrange for transportation from West/Central Africa via road and finally ship out through Mombasa port, Kenya.

Loading Type: Loading type in bulk, containers, truck and train. Container load ranges from 19 to 22CBM or more

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« We remain dependent on what the forest can offer us and we do not deviate from regulations concerning resource usage. In the face of this unavoidable constraint, we inform our clients and make them aware of the access difficulties for certain products. We do everything in our power to find solutions for the product requested, using our experience, and suggest directions for development. Our marketing team is always ready to help, striving to offer you technical solutions for your demands ».
Camsun Bennard, MD.

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