FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Camwooders Group stands for Cameroon Woods Suppliers Group Of Companies and Individual Explioters, A Limited Liability Corporation. Also abbreviated "Camwood Group"
Camwooders has representation offices in the following continents and countries: Africa(Gabon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo-Brazzaville, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast), Asia(India and UAE) and Europe(Turkey, Germany and UK).
Camwooders' headquarters is in Cameroon.
Camwooders Group is a forestry company made up of Seven(07) main wood dealers within the central and west African Territories. Its activities are based and related only to wood production, forest management and wood products export. The organization is involved in wood processing, but this processing concerns ONLY semi-finished wood products.
The corporate name of Camwooders Group Of Companies, LTD was adopted in 1998. However, the company has been in existence since 1985 under the corporate name of Camsuns and Sons Woodworks LTD
At Camwooders we sell:
- Standing logs
- Felled logs
- Sawn logs-Boules
- Lumber/Timber
- Decking products
- Lands
- Rattan
- Sleepers
- Others semi-finished, wood-based products.
Camwooders offers FSC-, OLB-, and PEFC-certified products. We also offer products originating from well-managed, government controlled forests that are legally harvested, but not certified.
The minimum order at Camwooders should fit at least 1 20-foot container by sea and 01 Pallets by air. The maximum is determined by the availability of products in our supply chain database.
Camwooders is committed to supplying only products of the best quality achievable. However, it is strongly advised to buyers, especially when dealing with us for the first time, to request wood specimens/samples. Camwooders will send a sample of each desired species to potential buyers.
Due to the significant volume of wood specimens/samples that we send to potential buyers worldwide, Camwooders is not responsible for specimen shipping fees. The potential buyer will take care of such fees.
YES. Camwooders ships wood products to all countries, with no exception, unless specified by the local government of origin seaport.
We deal with all types of shipping terms. EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB, CPT, CFR(CNF), CIF, CIP, DAT, DAP and DDP, as per buyer's requirements. 80% of our shipments are FOB and CIF. .
The payment terms and conditions vary from one contract to another. While many buyers prefer Letters of Credit, others who have built confidence and trust with us prefer cash and advance payments for faster processing of orders. Camwooders take into consideration buyers' requirements first, and we welcome all propositions from our clients.
The time frame varies from one project to another. Depending on many factors, the Camwooders team is committed to ship a customer’s goods based on the time frame specified in each contract.
Camwooders conducts a diligent pre-shipment inspection through an accredited third party companies, Bureau Veritas and SGS (Societé générale de surveillance).
Camwooders’ wood marketing network program concerns: Forest managers, wood products suppliers, wood processing companies, community forest managers, villages, individuals owning woodlands and forests, wood products brokers and sawmills. The basic requirement is that the company must be legally registered and verified by local governmental agencies. For details about joining our marketing program, please contact us at: partnership@Camwooders.com .
Contact us at contact@camwooders.com .