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How it all began…..

In 1996/7, Camsun Bandela and his father Camsun Ramson were in Asia and Europe exploring new business opportunities after haven established a small sawmill company in Cameroon(Camwood Trading Company LTD) that processed logs into planks for the domestic market. While in Europe and Asia, their attention was stolen when they noticed the high demand of African hardwoods. They immediately taught of the diverse beauty and uniqueness of the natural elegance of abundant African timber species available back home(Africa) that were of very less demand in African markets due to market saturation.

They immediately returned home and began setting up meetings with the local government officials to learn about the harvesting laws and export requirements of the country and later these meetings expanded to nearby countries within the Central and West African territories. They toured over a dozen sawmills and hand selected the choice few to conduct business of which they hard noticed were of huge demand in the Asian and European markets. Local ownership, staffing, and forestation practices were all a part of the extensive selection process.

The Camsuns' wanted to do so much more than just provide unprocessed wood. They wanted to be able to offer the end consumer a vehicle through which they could express their own individual style. This vision was achieved with the creation of CAMWOOD TIMBER Co.LTD. Only the finest genuine species were selected. Trees where hand picked with the goal of bringing excellence to the end consumer.

CAMWOOD TIMBER Co.LTD was finally established in 1998 by the camsuns' creating it first administrative office in Douala,Cameroon. CAMWOOD TIMBER Co.LTD grew from a regional supplier of domestic hardwoods to an international hardwood manufacturer that could ship hardwood in logs and customised form to any part of the world. Then two(02) years later, CAMWOOD was expanded into a Group of Wood Dealers who saw the reason to come together and serve a common goal. CAMWOOD GROUP OF COMPANIES S.A with it marketing and sales department outsourced to be handled by marketing and sales experts. This department now called CAMWOODERS, handles all sales and marketing servies of all parties within this group.

Company Profile

CAMWOODERS GROUP remaines a company on its own with seven(07) subsidiary wood supplying companies( FORESTRY CO OF KRIBI - FCK, CAFECO WOOD CMR, YONDE PLANTATION SARL, GOOD WOOD SARL, NGUTI FIVE STAR SAWMIL, DYD CAMEROON CMR. CAMWOODERS MARKETING GROUP) and representatives companies under it's control. Today it is one of Africa's largest hardwood lumber manufacturer, distributor and exporter via its huge manufacture and distribution network spread across the heartland of African hardwood growing territories(Central and West Africa) and the Congo Basin. We are a provider of Saw logs, Peeled Logs, Square edged timber, Round edged timber, Flooring boards, Finishing boards, Unedged boards, Square logs, Decking boards, Parquet floors, Floor planks, Wall coverings, Roof coverings, Rattan, Sleepers, Polls and proprietary grade hardwood products of both finish and unfinished.

Today With more than 20 years of experience in the African/tropical hardwood products, Camwooders Group is proud to be one of the biggest wood exporters based Cameroon, Congo, Ghana Africa. We specialize in the production, management, trading and brokerage of all types of tropical hardwood products generally working from logs to finied wood products... We also specialize and excel in the trading and brokerage of wood products. Our branch of activity concerns raw materials and semi-finished and finished products. Timber is our speciality. Camwooders Group proudly supplies the local and international market with a wide variety of tropical hardwood species, including, but not limited to: Afromosia, Aiélé, Azobé, Dabema, Limba, Fraké, Ayous, Tali, Iroko, Padouk, Sapelli, Wenge, Doussie, Okoumé, Acajou, Ako, Aningeria, Aningré blanc, Ekki, Bongossi, Bété, Mansonia, Mevivi African ebony, Essingang, Bubinga, Timbi, Teak, Niové, Zingana, Blinga,Teak, Kosso, Blackwood, Snakewood etc.

Our Mission

CAMWOODERS GROUP is a Quality, Customer and Environmental ORIENTED organization, Our mission is to provide the best quality forest products at the most competitive market prices to our esteem customers while positively serving our environment. Quality, Customer and Environmental Care is what we stand for. With a promise to ‘walk the talk’ AFROWOSU gives a listening hear to all areas of Quality optimisation thus exporting only the best quality wood as specified by our customers.

Our Vision

CAMWOODERS' vision is to be the best wood supplying company (in terms of Quality, Price and Environmental Care) in 3 years time. To be the most profitable, respected and renounced company in its field. Enriching long term relationship with our buyers, local suppliers and board members...

Fablo, Italy

"I have been very impressed by your friendliness and responsiveness. I'm not a frequent wood importer, and not sure about others people experiences with your company. But all i can say is that, i was quite impressed by how quick you Camwooders group of companies delivered my order. Thank you."

Aakir, United Arab Emirates

My company was having real troubles finding a reliable supplier in Africa. when we met you, we decided to give a try. We could not believe how quick you are. The best quality we have ever bought. Should we have to order again, we will not hesitate to trust Camwooders Group of companies again. Rgds camwooders team"


"I'm so amazed that Camwooders Company have saved me a lot of money. In fact, i requested a pre-shipment inspection for goods located in Abidjan, Ivory coast. Thanks to Camwooders Group, Camwooders has been able to convince me that the supplier was fake and trying to steal money from me. Please when you have African black wood available in stock, contact me asap."

John Smith, Germany

"Trotz des langsamen Antworten, und keiner spricht Deutsch. Ich war zufrieden mit der Qualität des Holzes i erhielt vor zwei Tagen aus Kamerun.Wünsche dir Erfolg"

Koen, S.Korea

"On behave of my company, we thank you sir for a successful completion of the supply of azobe logs to my company for the last six months. thanks you very much"

Shwetta, India

We are satisfied with the quality. Excellent!!!!. Logs Quality exceeds expectations not to mention the diameter, length it has, very sweet of you. you fulfilled your promised"

Rust customer